Findability Sciences Clinches Spot on Fortune's Most Innovative Companies List for Second Consecutive Year

This back-to-back recognition highlights the company's relentless pursuit of innovation and consistent contribution toward advancing AI technologies.

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2024 / -- For the second year running, Findability Sciences, a global AI product company helping enterprises apply artificial intelligence to business innovation, has been honored on Fortune’s esteemed list of America's Most Innovative Companies for 2024. This back-to-back recognition highlights the company's relentless pursuit of innovation and its consistent contribution to advancing the AI technology landscape.Findability Sciences, previously recognized in the 70th spot in 2023, continues to stand out for its innovative AI-driven solutions, including its cutting-edge Enterprise Forecasting and Business Process Co-pilot products. Solutions built on these products are tailored to empower businesses by transforming data into actionable insights and streamlining complex operations​​​​​​."Receiving this distinction once again from Fortune is a remarkable testament to our team's dedication and the innovative spirit that drives us," said Anand Mahurkar, Founder and CEO of Findability Sciences. "Our commitment to delivering groundbreaking AI solutions like Enterprise Forecasting and Business Process Co-Pilots has enabled us to help our clients achieve unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness in their operations."Over the past year, Findability Sciences has significantly enhanced its product offerings. The Enterprise Forecasting solution, leveraging automated data logistics and advanced machine learning techniques, provides comprehensive data analytics capabilities, ensuring high-precision predictions and insights across various business metrics such as product sales, revenue, and inventory optimization​​. The Business Process Co-Pilots, utilizing Natural Language Processing and Generative AI, offer unparalleled support in streamlining business operations across various industries, reducing operational costs and enhancing productivity​​.This accolade from Fortune underscores Findability Sciences’ role as a pioneer in the AI industry, showcasing its expertise in leveraging technology to solve real-world business challenges. The company’s success story is built on its ability to innovate continually and deliver solutions that meet and exceed the evolving needs of businesses globally.For more information about Findability Sciences and its innovative solutions, please visit

About Findability SciencesFindability Sciences, a global AI product company, enables businesses to harness the power of artificial intelligence, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency. With a presence in several countries and serving a diverse clientele, Findability Sciences is at the forefront of driving technological innovation and business transformation.

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