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Daikin, Sumitomo Rubber, and Aviva Insurance Named Winners of the 2024 Findability Sciences Global AI Awards

Findability Sciences, a leader in artificial intelligence solutions, is thrilled to announce the 2024 Findability Sciences Global AI Awards winners. This prestigious recognition celebrates the innovative use of AI by Daikin, Sumitomo Rubber, and Aviva Insurance, setting new benchmarks in their respective industries.The awards were presented at the 2nd edition of the Findability Sciences Global AI Awards ceremony, a grand event attended by industry stalwarts, esteemed guests, the Findability Sciences team, and their families. The ceremony underscored the transformative power of AI, bringing together over 200 participants from five countries and more than 30 cities worldwide.

Daikin Comfort Technologies, North America, under the leadership of Tomotaka Kawabata, Vice President, and Joey Land, Vice President, was honored for the Best AI Project in the U.S. Tomotaka Kawabata expressed gratitude, saying, "I'm very happy to receive this prestigious award. We look forward to continuing to work with you to improve the accuracy of our sales forecast while leveraging the latest technology." Echoing this sentiment, Joey Land added, "It is our honor to have our project selected for this award... We value the partnership and look forward to more good things to come in the future."Sumitomo Rubber was recognized for its exceptional use of AI to enhance business operations. General Manager Shimaya-San said, "Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity today. Your valuable feedback and insight have greatly helped improve our services and products."Aviva Insurance received acclaim for its six-year collaboration with Findability Sciences, leading to significant advancements in its operational efficiency. Prajakta Kulkarni, Assistant Vice President of the company that manages the Aviva project, shared Aviva's visionary and bold actions of adopting AI before it became the talk of the industry.

The event was graced by a distinguished gathering of industry leaders, including Vidur Bhogilal, Chairman of CIGNEX; Mahesh Zurale, Global Lead for the Advanced Technology Centres Global Network; Manish Modi, President of Business Resources at PIDILITE; Ram Panickar, the former Chief Financial Officer at Intelenet Global Services Pvt; TN Radhakrishnan, Consulting Partner at FinGig.Pro | Global Experts on Demand; along with Datta Kadam, Ravi Deshpande, Founder and Chairman of Whyness; co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of AgriNexus Group, and Indrajeet Kakade, CEO of AgriNexus.

Kavita Rao, CMO of Findability Sciences, remarked, "Tonight, we celebrated not just the achievements of our winners but the endless possibilities AI holds for the future." Anand Mahurkar, Founder and CEO of Findability Sciences, added, "Their achievements inspire a future where AI is at the heart of business transformation."The Findability Sciences Global AI Awards 2024 not only celebrated the winners but also highlighted AI's transformative power in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future. The company looks forward to continuing this tradition and fostering innovation and collaboration in artificial intelligence.Kavita G Rao

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