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Optimized SKU Level Price

>51,000 material to forecast, across 35 plants and sales demand for individual material. Over 80% forecasting accuracy.

Reduced time from 24 to 1.5 Hours
98% Accuracy
MSE 0.4
Predictions and Forecasting
Price Predictions


A top-tier microelectronics component manufacturer aimed to refine SKU-level pricing strategies for trade sales. Their existing price prediction algorithm was plagued by bugs, leading to extended processing times. The goal was to suggest price points that enhance the chances of winning transactions, thereby maximizing revenue without sacrificing profit margins.


Findability Sciences deployed its machine learning technology to analyze historical data on revenue, quantities, price points, deal success rates, and forecasted demand. This enabled the recommendation of optimal price points for each SKU.

To facilitate seamless integration, a custom middleware consisting of SAP application connectors and SAP BAPI was developed. This solution bridged the client's SAP systems with the Findability Platform, ensuring efficient communication and data exchange.