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Lowered Transportation Expenses With Demand Forecasting

B2B logistics company with over 26,000 vehicles in service. Forecast daily demand of vehicles at 27 locations.

95%+ Accuracy
7 Digit Savings
45 Days Advance
Predictions and Forecasting
Demand Forecasting for Logistics


Japan's premier transportation company sought to significantly lower transportation costs through precise demand forecasting. The objective was to maintain operations only in stores where there was a clear projection of future demand.


Leveraging the advanced multi-algorithm time-series forecasting capabilities of Findability Platform, the company was able to accurately predict:

  • A 45-day advance forecast of package volumes to be transported across 18 specific location pairs.
  • The overall volume of packages to be moved throughout Japan.

These accurate daily predictions of package volumes enabled the client to efficiently allocate their fleet, optimizing both vehicle usage and store operations. This strategic approach not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also ensured high accuracy in forecasting for both specific routes and nationwide operations.