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Business Process Co-Pilot for Valuations

A conversational interface that allows SMB owners to view valuations, optimize menus, apply for loans, perform marketing, and draft contracts.

3M+ Valuations
80+% Accuracy
200+ Variables
Business Process Co-pilot
Business Process Co-Pilot for Valuations

RS-11 is a web-based platform that serves the community of Small and Medium Business Owners by being their go-to platform for knowing the valuation of their business, a marketplace for buy-sell listings, and serving as their Business Process Co-Pilot (BPC) for a large variety of their day to day needs of marketing, contracting and supporting their daily business operations.

The BPC has been developed using advanced Gen-AI capabilities through a custom LLM, which delivers a wide variety of functionality through a simple, intuitive yet powerful chat-based interface designed to serve millions of SMBs.